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Services Offered

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Acupuncture = The use of thin, disposable (single-use) stainless steel needles inserted into specific acupuncture points to stimulate the flow of blood and qi (energy) circulation, to enhance overall well-being.

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Electro-Acupuncture = form of acupuncture in which acupuncture needles are attached to a device that generates continuous electric pulses to enhance the therapeutic effect.

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Massage (Chinese Re-medial) = Acupressure = non-invasive form of bodywork, which uses physical pressure applied to acupressure points by the hand or elbow.

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Cupping Therapy = Acting like an “inverted massage,” where glass / plastic suction cups are used to draw blood to the surface releasing toxicity and free radicals stagnant within the body. Depending how severe the stagnation is, the skin might show discoloration (reddish/ purplish circles) which dissipate within a few days.

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Auriculotherapy = Ear Acupuncture/ Acupressure = Similar to reflexology (foot), the ear is also a map of the entire body, where different internal organs and body parts are assigned to specific points on the surface of the ear. Needles or seeds are placed during and sometimes after the sessions, to enhance the therapeutic effect in-between treatments.

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Chinese Herbal Medicine = Use of herbal medicine (derived from various plants/ roots) to help balance the internal systems.

Specializing In But Not Limited to:

  • Pediatric Health

  • Cosmetic Acupuncture (Facelift)

  • Weight Loss

  • Quit Smoking

  • Women’s Health

  • Stress/ Anxiety/ Insomnia

  • Allergies / Sinusitis

  • Arthritis

  • Headaches/ Migraines

  • Neck Stiffness (pinched nerve)

  • Low back pain & sciatica

  • Fatigue

  • Bell’s Palsy

  • Circulation problems

  • Trauma / Sports injuries

  • Cancer Support

  • Pregnancy Support

For an appointment call: (516) 378- HEAL (4325)

NYS Licensed & Board Certified


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